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How can Gold Price Editor help me?

Shopify is a great platform to create your Online Jewelry Store. But it does not help you to update the Product Prices based on the Precious Metal Price easily.

Gold Price Editor for Shopify helps you easily configure your products and update their prices based on the metal price automatically (Advanced) or with a click of a button (Basic & Basic+).

You can configure your products based on Metal Type, Purity and Metal Weight. Additional information like Making Charges, Wastage, Shipping Charges, Tax, Markup, etc can be used to calculate the final price.

Gold Price Editor is fully customizable. The final price is always calculated as you think what it should be.

With additional tools like Stop Loss Pricing, Shopify Metafields, and Excel Import & Export, the app takes away the complex tasks so that you can focus on running your awesome Online Store. Start today with 3 days of free trial. Continue using only if it helps you.

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